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Keofitt Sampling Valves

Keofitt is a World leader in Sterile Aseptic Sampling. The Keofitt Sterile Sampling Valve is the most sold and most widely used sterile sampling valve ever! And the concept is just as unique as it is simple: The overall design of the valve is simple and effective. The construction is solid and durable with smooth surfaces to maximise food safety. Keofitt sampling valves are used on wide range of products in Brewery, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Biochemical and cosmetic industries. All Keofitt sampling valves are 3A certified. The M4 and W9 Keofitt sampling valves are EHEDG certified as well.

Benefits of the Keofitt Sampling Valve

  • Highly durable
  • Easy to sterilize in place
  • Completely food safe
  • The best in sampling

Keofitt Sesame Sampling Valve

The Keofitt Sesame Sampling Valve is Keofitt’s newest and patented dual-seat sampling valve. Truly unique in the market, it offers optimal CIP and SIP conditions while also incorporating steam supply control and completely eliminating the steam inlet dead-space in other designs.

Keofitt Sampling Bag

Keofitt Sampling Bags

The Keofitt Sampling Bags have all been developed as single-use solutions to the cumbersome and difficult task of taking a representative sample and bringing it safe and clean from the sampling point to the laboratory.

All Keofitt Sampling Bags are made of medical grade plastics complying with all relevant FDA, USP and ISO regulations for both the food and the pharmaceutical/biotech industries.

The Keofitt Sampling Bags are delivered separately packed and sterilized by irradiation. In each carton a Radiation Certificate and a Certificate of Conformity are enclosed. The Keofitt Sampling Bags are manufactured following strict in-process testing including a test for endotoxins.

The product range comprises 4 types:

  • STERILE Sampling Bags (single bag)
  • ASEPTIC Sampling Bags (single bag with valve system for steaming)
  • SPIKE Sampling Bags (single bag)
  • Three60 Sampling Bag System (multiple bag closed system)